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Belladonna – Italian for “beautiful woman” – is indeed a lovely plant. Commonly known as “Deadly Nightshade”, this plant contains toxins that create a bizarre delirium and hallucinations. Some might argue that a beautiful woman does the same. Used throughout history as a cosmetic, medicine, and poison, Belladonna has also been reportedly used as a flying agent for witches’ gatherings. Whichever your preferred usage, it looks lovely adorning a wrist. 

This bracelet handmade by Jezebel Charms in Dorset, England exclusively for The Odd Luminary features a full color illustration of the Belladonna plant and the encyclopedic definition. The brass cuff measures 1.5" tall and 5.5" round with an opening of 1.5", easily adjustable by using slight pressure once on your wrist. The brass (an alloy of zinc and copper) ages beautifully and uniquely; it will change patina over time and this is completely natural. The artwork is slightly translucent and the patterns you see are from the patina of the brass underneath. All protected under a sealant for extra durability, but I would advise NOT to go rushing into the sea whilst wearing it or similar interactions with water.

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