There is a corner of my garden that is rather overgrown, like a primordial forest. It’s perfect for the ancient forest circuses that once roamed the planet.  A circus like the one Decembrus commanded.

Deep in the forests of the world, there are traveling circuses, full of mythical creatures who perform amazing acts and gorgeous music. Unfortunately, humans have hunted these troupes for nearly as long as these troupes have been in existence, so the circuses have fallen into disrepair, and their members are not as wealthy as they once were. This is Decembrus, the satyr ring master of one of these circuses. While his clothes have seen better days, he has not lost his air of majesty or his love of the spotlight. He’s a master storyteller, Decembrus is, and with just a little bit of coaxing he will gladly spin yarns so thick and magical that they will come to life in front of your eyes.

You can find Decembrus (and other amazing creations by artist Amy L. Rawson) in the Parlor. Do visit, oddlings.

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