It’s a perfect and gloomy day in Brooklyn; it began precipitating last night and this morning a fine layer of snow covered everything. I’ve been drinking tea this morning and ruminating on my brother Mordecai, which leads me to today’s word.

Turveydrop is defined as a perfect model of deportment.

You might recognize the word from Dickens’ Bleak House and the character Mr. Turveydrop. A person of immaculate deportment could be described as Turveydropian.

What’s that? You don’t know what deportment is? My dears, deportment is the manner in which one conducts oneself. In other words, one’s behavior.

Mordecai fancies himself a turveydropian fellow. Sometimes this attitude gets my goat.

Today I shall simply sip my tea and then spend time in the laboratory, feeding the specimens. We could all stand an improvement in our deportment, though.

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