Well. The Vernal Equinox was a veritable explosion of spring here in Brooklyn. Trees a-bloom, the sun ablaze, birds a-twitter, and everyone seemed to have a spring in their steps.

Today is grey and slightly damp. It feels like a wet day at the beach, and the inexplicably circling seagulls are not helping dissuade those feelings. The entire house feels a bit subdued and groggy, like every creature within its walls has missed a nap.

For her part, Bubo is entrenched in nidulation.

Nidulation is a noun meaning nesting; nest-building; the time of remaining in the nest. It primarily refers to birds, but I’m sure one could use it for humans – often as the seasons change we experience a period of nidulation or “nesting”.

Nidulation is considered an obsolete word, and hails from the Latin nidulatus plus the English -ion.

Bubo is quite fastidious when it comes to her nest. No one – not even yours truly – is allowed in and she is incredibly particular. With the seagulls circling and the weather as it is, today is a perfect day for nidulation. I have spent the day in the library, reading and sipping tea. My nest, one could argue, is a wing back upholstered in a rather dark and garish brocade. It smells faintly of tobacco and port. It’s delightful.

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