Morning Feeding Time

There is something so dream-like about feeding my moon jellyfish in the mornings. I have a cup of strong coffee in hand, and I like to play some jazz for them to get their mornings going. (Bubo, naturally, prefers lavender tea.)

Ideally, I could turn one of the smaller rooms into an enormous walk-in aquarium, allowing much more room for these fascinating and alien-esque creatures. I doubt the floors will support the weight of all that water, though.

Dare to dream. It’s not yet lunch and I have so many projects to embark upon.

It’s so hard to tear myself away from these beings. Meditative. Soothing. Perhaps I should offer viewing as therapy; a fifteen minute block of quiet contemplation whilst watching these creatures is more relaxing than anything I’ve ever experienced.

Admittedly, my ideas of relaxation and stress are slightly different than most folks’.

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  1. So soothing and serene! Thanks for sharing your jellyfish experience.

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