Circling Words

April is, as you must know, National Poetry Month. I’ve been remiss in reminding you; too often poetry is forgotten, like tiny toymakers or the perfect bliss of spinning in a circle with your eyes closed.

Here is a wonderful piece by Franz Wright, courtesy of The Borzoi Reader’s Poem-A-Day initiative.


Seagull in the corn, postage stamp-size cornfield in the

in the middle of the state, and how you ever got here.

of heaven, July Massachusetts, the blue sky one

endless goodbye.
Give me a minute, maggot-swarming preview of the

future, give
me a moment. You can hone a blade until there is no

blade, or
dwell with magnifying glass so long on a word that

finally it darkens,
is not, and fire in widening circles consumes the world.

For a moment
only, stay with me, mystery. Before you change

completely into
something other, slow cloud, entrance, spell, not yet

name, stay; tell me what you mean. A dead bird is not

a dead bird
I was once told by someone who knows.

Excerpt from KINDERTOTENWALD © 2011 by Franz Wright. You can learn more about Franz Wright’s latest book of poems here:

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