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The Wasp Woman Wrecketh

I’m not quite in the mood to discuss my 36 hours locked in the solarium yet. But suffice it to say, today’s project involving the collecting of all extra keys and reading Victorian Architecture: Two Pattern Books by A.J. Bicknell and W.T. Comstock was born of necessity.

Reading and studying are rather difficult when Bubo is having a Friday Fright Night for herself. Today’s cinematic feast is The Wasp Woman, Roger Corman’s 1959 film about a cosmetics company’s devious ingredient and the wreckage that ensues.

Here it is, should you be in the mood for some good old-fashioned horror:


Special thanks to Drelbcom’s YouTube Channel.

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Buried Alive

I’ve been reading through Uncle Ruprecht’s remarkable journals, which I found in the catacombs in his “Behavior Taxidermy” crate. That crate mysteriously appeared on Saturday, though how it got here I do not know. I assume his valet, Pash, a squirrelly fellow with two glass eyes, brought it here in a conveyance only known to Pash.

When I came upstairs to make myself tea, I discovered Bubo snacking on vole rinds and watching this gem:

Yes! It’s I Bury The Living from 1958.

I think I’d rather be in the catacombs with my head lamp, with or without Pash, to be honest.

Nothing against the film, naturally. It’s just that vole rinds smell something rancid.

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Snow! Horrors! Monsters! Saturday Night.

Yesterday’s snow storm was unexpected and quite surprising. There are trees down in the neighborhood and late last night I heard the tell-tale sounds of chainsaws ripping into fallen tree branches.


The snow was heavy and wet and the air was terribly chilled. Silas cooked a delicious pork and apple curry and Bubo and I hunkered down with pumpkin cookies and old movies.

We enjoyed a double feature of Die, Monster, Die starring Mr. Boris Karloff and The Bat starring Mr. Vincent Price.

This morning I woke to happy shrieks and ice and snow sliding off the roof. The cryptids were outside, frolicking in the heat of the sunshine and mischievously knocking the snow down onto the yard. Common sense is not always bred into cryptids, you know.

It’s nearly Halloween. I don’t worry about trick-or-treaters; they tend to stay away from my old house – I think because it seems to much like an actual haunted house. Plus the gargoyles tend to move conspicuously.

Keeping candy away from Bubo is a trick in an of itself. She’s rather a fan of the sweet and tart bite-sized candies.

I’m spending the day in the basement, exploring the grotto and seeing how the cold and snow affected the subterranean canal.

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Rain Day Movie

Well this is quite the rainy day, isn’t it?

I’m mildly regretting letting Bubo turn the reading/jellyfish room into her movie theatre.

Today she’s holding a viewing of Manfish starring Lon Chaney.

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