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A Brooklyn Sunset Time Lapse

The indomitable and talented Luci Westphal shot this gorgeous time lapse of the Brooklyn sunset. The music, by musician Jason Matherne, is rather groovy as well.


If you love this piece, do visit Luci’s website and youtube page to enjoy more of her films. She most recently released the documentary All’s Well and Fair, a transmedia experience about punk rock mothers that explores ideas on government, money, creativity, and family.

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Groggy Fever

Mordecai and I imbibed too much grog last night. We watched Admiral (Адмиралъ), a Russian biopic film that follows Alexander Kolchak and takes place during the Russian Civil War of the early 1900s.

I was thus foggy when awoken this morning by Bubo.

She was crooning Peggy Lee’s infamous song Fever. In Russian. Clearly in her cups, Bubo seemed happy, if exhausted. A trip to Maine means she visits some rather raucous owls.

She is now sleeping it off whilst Mordecai and I sip coffee and watch the wild turkeys chase each other along Harpswell Neck.

By the way, pets, it’s Kwanzaa. Are you celebrating?


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