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It does feel a bit like Autumn, doesn’t it? Leaves have been tumbling in the garden and there’s a lovely chill wind whispering around the house.

This house does love fall, you know. Creaking corners, gargoyles, fireplaces…

With summer truly waning, we will surely be nostalgic for the warm and lazy days covered in ice cream and lemonade.

Which, naturally, brings me to today’s word.

Aestival (also estival) is an adjective that means of, relating to, or occurring in summer.

The etymologies are rather straight forward, wouldn’t you know. It stems from the Middle English, in turn from the Old French, in turn from the Latin aestīvālis, from aestīvus, from aestās, summer.

Perhaps we should begin planning our Aestival Festival for next June now, eh?

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