A Sleepless House is a Cranky House

When your brother sets a fire in your cellar and shorts most of the wires in your house, thus ensuring that you do not have air conditioning when the temperatures are in the uppper 80’s (Farenheit), do not hurl a metal sculpture of an angry porcupine at him.

Do as I did, soak your feet in a tub of ice water and watch some television. Embrace the late-night programming and keep all the windows open for any semblance of a breeze. Pretend the stench of burnt wires and earth is actually extinguished campfires and eat some cold marshmallows.

Morning will come soon enough and then you can force him to repair the damage on his own whilst you sip cool mint tea and read a book at a cafe.

It helps to have a cranky great horned owl to keep him on task. It helps if she spent the evening sharpening her talons.

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