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Hei Hei, Norwegian Odd Fellows!

God morgen, oddlings!

Mia Regine is a photographer in Norway. She lives in Oslo and she has a blog where she shows off her photographs and discusses the things she finds online.

She found me. She wrote a beautiful piece about my house and some of the curiosities I have. Here it is: Skyggemare

Takk, Mia. Jeg er beƦret.


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I Shall Explore With Open Eyes

Have you met Limacina Helicina? (Also known as the Sea Butterfly, can you tell?) I could stare at this image all day long; there is something incredibly soothing and inspiring about these creatures. Found in the arctic and panarctic, Limacina Helicina travel in swarms. Oh, to be caught in a swarm of these, eh?

This photo is just one of many now in the Gallery by Alexander Semenov, the Chief Diver of the White Sea Biological Station. He graduated from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University with a degree in Zoology with a specialty in Invertebrate Animals and an emphasis on Squid Brains. He has been photographing undersea life for 4 years, constantly honing his techniques and equipment and amazing the world with his images.

And what amazing images they are, wouldn’t you agree?

What do you think when you see these creatures?


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The New Moon Brought Me Zombies

I’ve never met a zombie before.

Typically, when you think “zombie”, you think horrifying creature doing a sort of Frankenstein’s-Monster-walk towards you, eerily chanting “Brains! Brains!” (Or perhaps those of us who were raised on Saturday Matinee Horror Movies think that and more modern zombie aficionados are better versed in zombies.)

So imagine my surprise when these delightful characters showed up in The Laboratory.

Steve. He likes Kurt Vonnegut


Charlotte. She's a fan of cooking shows.






Loveable little tykes, aren’t they? Turns out that ZombieSocks just like to be loved. They also like to take rides in cars, sit on windowsills and appreciate human company. There’s been no discussions of brain consumption. There has been a lively debate over the proper invitation delivery system for a last-minute dance party and how many times they can hug Bubo before she claws their stuffing out.

Come take a gander in The Laboratory.

And happy New Moon Saturday.

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Early Bird vs. Night Owl

How can one be both an early bird and a night owl? Simply by taking naps. I’m a big believer in naps, I must admit. And I must admit that sometimes these naps occur seemingly of their own volition, and I chalk that up not to my venerable age but to my brain’s need for breaks.

Anyway, this little rant was inspired by photographer Steve Creek’s works, some of which are now shown prominently in The Gallery.

This is Snack for the Nest, an amazing photograph, wouldn’t you say?

Do take a moment to peruse The Gallery. It’s full of gorgeous images that might give you good nap dreams.

I’m a big believer in nap dreams, as well.

This is Owl Study 1. Guess who thinks she can pose more appropriately?

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