The New Moon Brought Me Zombies

I’ve never met a zombie before.

Typically, when you think “zombie”, you think horrifying creature doing a sort of Frankenstein’s-Monster-walk towards you, eerily chanting “Brains! Brains!” (Or perhaps those of us who were raised on Saturday Matinee Horror Movies think that and more modern zombie aficionados are better versed in zombies.)

So imagine my surprise when these delightful characters showed up in The Laboratory.

Steve. He likes Kurt Vonnegut


Charlotte. She's a fan of cooking shows.






Loveable little tykes, aren’t they? Turns out that ZombieSocks just like to be loved. They also like to take rides in cars, sit on windowsills and appreciate human company. There’s been no discussions of brain consumption. There has been a lively debate over the proper invitation delivery system for a last-minute dance party and how many times they can hug Bubo before she claws their stuffing out.

Come take a gander in The Laboratory.

And happy New Moon Saturday.

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