There are wicked storms brewing all over the country, pets. New Mexico had a blizzard, freezing winds are slicing through Minnesota, and it has been raining across the East Coast. The dragons are organizing a “living menorah” for Hanukkah, though with the rain I am less concerned for my non-fire retardant house.

The slick weather has kept me indoors, making latkes with Mordecai and I hope everyone who travels to Grand Army Plaza for the giant menorah lighting will stay dry and warm.

All this weather-watching brings me to today’s word.

Pluviculture is a noun meaning the science of making rain. Originally from the Latin for rain, built on the model of agriculture.

During the Dust Bowl era of the American Great Depression, traveling showmen criss-crossed the country attempting to “make rain”.

Cloud seeding has been utilized since the 1940’s, and not just for ending droughts. The US military had a rainmaking operation called Operation Popeye intended to slow down military truck activity in Vietnam during the Vietnam War by increasing the rains over the country.

Nowadays, rainmaking has even taken on a metaphorical meaning, referring to the process of bringing new clients and new money into a company.

No need for pluviculture in Brooklyn these days; Mother Nature is taking care of the precipitation for us.

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