There are days when breakfast seems to become an unholy mess. I normally have breakfast on my own in the garden, and I admit to enjoying this moment of quiet outside.

I got a late start on the eats this morning, however, and had quite a bit of company. I made a huge pile of French Toast and we had fresh honey and jam.

And once all the creatures had eaten, there were crumbs everywhere. Which brings me to today’s word, naturally.

Ort is a noun and means a morsel left at a meal; a fragment; refuse.

The first known usage of the word was in the 1500s, and the word originates in the late Middle English orte meaning food left by animals. Which is from the Low German ort and early Dutch oorete, both words for food.

Ort can also be used to mean any fragment. A bit of something. Wisdom? Detritus?

It my house today, it means crumbs.


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  1. Also there is the Ort Cloud on the outside of the solar system made up of the debris left over from the creation of the solar system. It’s where Comets come from.

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