I know many of you are anxious for the chill and the rain to end and for the warmth and sunshine of summer to fully embrace us. But it’s important for you to find the spectacular hidden in every type of weather, under every rock, and in every cobwebbed nook. That brings me to today’s word:

Delitescent is an adjective meaning hidden, latent, concealed. It comes from the Latin dēlitēscent-. Stem of dēlitēscēns. Present participle of dēlitēscere to hide away (some say to lurk). Medically speaking, it can be used as a noun, meaning the sudden disappearance of a lesion or of the signs and symptoms of a disease.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Bubo and I are going to explore the delitescent stories at The Green-Wood Cemetery. Hopefully it will rain and we will have the place (mostly) to ourselves.

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