I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here on my side of the hill in deepest, darkest Brooklyn, we had quite the lightening storm. I was sketching ideas for my shrinking violet experiment when I heard an ear-splitting crash. It might have been lightening striking. It might have been a dragon-gone-crazy. I might never know what happened, really.

It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that there is now an additional opening in the catacombs. It reveals what appears to be a small canal-type waterway. The opening is small, about the size of a medium-sized ottoman, and the temperature within is approximately ten degrees colder than the rest of the catacombs.

The canal seems to be running east/west, and from what I can hear (using the amphiphone I dug up yesterday) there are no rapids or waterfalls on the course.

I am gathering supplies and will begin my explorations on the morrow.

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