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Sometimes the Pictures Move You

It appears that I am a bit smitten with animation today. I’ve been sitting in the Library just watching some delightful animated films. I thought you might enjoy them.

From Louise Bagnell, we have the award-winning short Donkey. (Do click on the link to watch the video.)



From the delightful StrawberryLuna blog, we have a mind-boggling animated version of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart” – one of my personal favorites.

Visit the StrawberryLuna blog for a lovely discussion on the piece here.

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I See Music

Can you taste color?

Can you hear velvet?

Can you see music?

These marvelous animations do just that – they show us music. How delightful, eh?

You know, my Great Uncle Ebenezer claimed he could see music. He also used to peel bits of the wallpaper to chew on while he took his Sunday bath. Perhaps the wallpaper glue helped broaden his senses. Obviously, don’t try it. Great Uncle Ebenezer was not lauded as a great thinker.

He was, however, quite the jitterbug.

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