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Summer Treats

It is awfully summer-like in Brooklyn. I am eating habanero ice cream and listening to the beasties low and mumble. Remarkably relaxing Tuesday, my pets.

My weekend trompsing through the woods of Boston was absolutely eye-opening. I shared fruit with a Dire Wolf. I learned that I do not like to hunt badgers, specifically utilizing “old world tactics” and I spent late evenings talking with my dear friend Josiah Whyndbotum. Josiah is always an enjoyable companion. Even in dank woods.

Mordechai is working on the jalopy. It made the trip north but we feared the worst on the way back late last night. A mid-highway break-down is one thing, but a mid-highway break-down with a vehicle full of wet-earth creatures is another. Hard to explain. Not to mention the badger pup Mordechai decided to bring back. It was a noisy trip back to Brooklyn. Charles and Bubo are rather unsettled by this new member of the family.

To be honest, I am as well. A badger baby in the basement is not what I call a good idea. And I’m the brother who tried to raise a dragon clone. So I know from bad ideas.

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