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Tea Interruptus

I’ve spent today in the garden, taking advantage of the cooler weather and the breeze to put the water seal on the one-man catamaran in time for summer.

When I entered the house for my 4 o’clock tea, I noticed that my dictionary was open to H and my magnifying glass was positioned over hysteria.

There was also the distinct odor of burnt molasses and all the windows were open.

I should have recognized that this wind was not only bringing a storm, but also something wicked. I’ve combed the house and locked all the windows.

Bubo has settled into the oval window in the corner of the East Tower and is quietly humming Schubert. Not a good sign, indeed.

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Rainy Day Friends

Professor Linus Thompkins dropped by for tea this morning, amidst a lovely cooling rain. We sat in the garden and drank a rooibos that the Professor brought back from recent travels.

I am aware that I am quite the recluse, and would choose to spend my days surrounded by antiquities, a grumbling great horned owl and dusty books. It does this old fellow good to spend time with a dear friend.

We discussed my recent cloning (and the plans for future attempts) of Umtagati Voles, Flivvervaats (more on those later) and progeny – both real and imaginary. The tea kept us warm and Bubo even brought the Professor a sprig of garlic, knowing that he loves nothing more than that heady aroma. She’s a thoughtful little anarchist, my dear Bubo.

I encourage you to spend a moment with a friend today; it’ll do your heart good.

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Curiosity and the Catacombs

Spent another rainy day exploring the catacombs beneath the basement. An advantage to having a house on the back of a hill? Miles of winding hallways filled with family relics. Once they’re cleaned up, I’ll share them with all of you.

As you’ve undoubtedly surmised, my family is far-flung and fantastically eccentric. The objects and detritus they leave in their wake is both puzzling and delightful. And it makes this house seem full even though I am the only one of the family still living here.

Which suits me just fine. I find their objects d’odd much easier to live with than my family members.

I took a tea break on the front porch. This cold rain is bringing something ominous with it, though I can not say what.

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