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A Storm Brewed in Brooklyn

Prior to Curiosity landing on Mars, Brooklyn was enveloped by a storm.

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Early Bird vs. Night Owl

How can one be both an early bird and a night owl? Simply by taking naps. I’m a big believer in naps, I must admit. And I must admit that sometimes these naps occur seemingly of their own volition, and I chalk that up not to my venerable age but to my brain’s need for breaks.

Anyway, this little rant was inspired by photographer Steve Creek’s works, some of which are now shown prominently in The Gallery.

This is Snack for the Nest, an amazing photograph, wouldn’t you say?

Do take a moment to peruse The Gallery. It’s full of gorgeous images that might give you good nap dreams.

I’m a big believer in nap dreams, as well.

This is Owl Study 1. Guess who thinks she can pose more appropriately?

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I am not amphibious

I followed an amphibian through the muck this morning, my tea in one hand. The ground is soft and damp from a day of rain storms and the weather is still cool.

These photographs by biochemist and photographer Igor Siwanowicz are gorgeous. Enjoy.

Perhaps even take a moment to imagine being reptilian.


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