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The Boonicorn

I lost one fang in a fight with a spider, and now I lisp

I sing in the shower

I don’t like green peas

I think Bubo is secretly relieved that The Boonicorn has been purchased away from the Laboratory; her midnight spider-hunting will be undisturbed by this small pink predator. Plus, and this I know from experience, Bubo loathes shower warbling. Unless it’s her own.

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I believe in reincarnation

I nap often

I love Abbot & Costello routines

If nothing else, Fowler was the perfect house guest. As long as you enjoy Abbot & Costello and long discussions about Karma, that is.

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Blue Wuzzelthump

Imagine my dismay: I had a gorgeous Tea Taster – a small bird from the island of Ceylon – and when I pulled the cover off of the cage, I found instead this Blue Wuzzelthump. Wuzzelthumps begin their lives the size of peas and, due to their voracious appetites, end up being the size of their meals. This fellow, obviously, ate my Tea Taster. While I’m no fan of Wuzzelthumps, you might be.

To the folks that purchased him: I’d keep my pets and small children away from this one. While tiny, he is ferocious. Tea Tasters are small birds and this Blue Wuzzelthump will most likely be getting hungry again.

No Whining Day

It is No Whining Day, a holiday that is near and dear to my heart. Valued friends of mine in the North Country (that’s New Hampshire for you cartography fans) started this day of celebration and observation, and I firmly and unabashedly adore it.

There is entirely too much whining. It has become such a part of our emotional lexicon that too many forget that they’re actually whining. So quit it. At least for one day. March 10th. You can do it.

Besides, it’s rather unbecoming on you.

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