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Breakfast Ring Debates and Other Musings

Breakfast debate with Phil this morning over the taste of Saturn’s rings. I say they taste like dust. He says cocoa. Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong? Neither one of us is an astronaut. (Though I seriously doubt they taste like cocoa. Honestly. Malt balls maybe but not straight cocoa. That’s preposterous.)

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day and the whole house seems to be infected with a case of the sillies. I’ve managed to soothe the flivvervaat father and babies by playing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on repeat in the kitchen. With the volume kept low, it’s rather comforting, actually. Though I understand that when flivvervaats hit the week-old mark, they start testing out their voices by mimicking the sounds they hear around them.

Which explains why sometimes it sounds like there are 300 police sirens towards the south end of Prospect Park.

Happy Friday, my fellow oddlings. Do something small yet extraordinary today and then tell me about it, won’t you?


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Requiem for a Walk

On our nightly constitutional, Bubo and I happened upon a box of sheet music, discarded next to a box of lamps and mismatched socks.

What a find!   








Now, to assemble the Odd Chamber Orchestra! Clearly, Eggburn and his nose flute will be involved. But who else?

Auditions tomorrow. Must to bed, I’ll need a clear and rested head and clear ears.

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Monday Songs

Lest you believe that birds and whales are the only creatures that sing in nature, take a gander at these fabulous rodents, the Alston singing mouse.

I know it’s Monday, and for many of you a week of doing what someone else wants you to do has started. I recommend singing to yourself. It doesn’t need to have words. I like to hum classical music, often mashing together different composers’ works to make my own great works.

Bubo often smiles when I get to the heavy percussion pieces. Of course, Bubo also smiles when she eats particularly juicy prey or when Charles tells a joke.

Sing loud and sing proud, my pets.

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