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Jack OWLantern

Halloween was a relatively quiet affair this year; Bubo gave herself a rather impressive sugar high and we watched monster movies and counted ourselves lucky.

When her sugar high wore off, Bubo was a grumpy owl indeed. What perked her up, though, were the pictures of the pumpkin carved by the incredibly inventive Laura Palmer Preiss of Curious Art Labs.

Terribly creative, isn’t she? And quite a whiz with a carving knife, as well.

Thank you, Leah. You perked up Bubo and you made me smile.

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All Hallow’s Eve

Happy Halloween, oddlings.

I had an early start to the holiday.

Last night I was enjoying my Sunday bath in my enormous claw footed tub. It’s a ritual I’ve had since I was a young man.

Imagine my surprise when a skull fell out of the heating vent straight into the tub! I don’t know whose skull it is (or was, as it were) or how it came to be in the heating vent and then in my bath with me.

After a second bath, I dried the skull and left it on the counter top. Today I shall explore the secret passages between the walls, to perhaps find the rest of this fellow’s remains.

I shall also re-affix the heating vent above the tub. I’m not in the habit of enjoying guests to my bath. Invited or otherwise.

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Snow! Horrors! Monsters! Saturday Night.

Yesterday’s snow storm was unexpected and quite surprising. There are trees down in the neighborhood and late last night I heard the tell-tale sounds of chainsaws ripping into fallen tree branches.


The snow was heavy and wet and the air was terribly chilled. Silas cooked a delicious pork and apple curry and Bubo and I hunkered down with pumpkin cookies and old movies.

We enjoyed a double feature of Die, Monster, Die starring Mr. Boris Karloff and The Bat starring Mr. Vincent Price.

This morning I woke to happy shrieks and ice and snow sliding off the roof. The cryptids were outside, frolicking in the heat of the sunshine and mischievously knocking the snow down onto the yard. Common sense is not always bred into cryptids, you know.

It’s nearly Halloween. I don’t worry about trick-or-treaters; they tend to stay away from my old house – I think because it seems to much like an actual haunted house. Plus the gargoyles tend to move conspicuously.

Keeping candy away from Bubo is a trick in an of itself. She’s rather a fan of the sweet and tart bite-sized candies.

I’m spending the day in the basement, exploring the grotto and seeing how the cold and snow affected the subterranean canal.

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