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Interior Ant Terror

I woke late this morning due, mostly, to a full night of Flivvervaat spotting in the park. Flivvervaats, being naturally suspicious and paranoid, are sneaky creatures to spot, and I wore myself out after eight hours of attempted invisibility.

Imagine my surprise (and exhausted anger) to discover a full platoon of industrious ants in my kitchen, endeavoring to carry my precious percolator across the counter and out a small hole in the floor. I can only imagine what they would do with it in the garden.

I offered to brew enough coffee for us all to share (my feeling is that a full cup would be more than enough for their entire colony) but they refused. Cheeky little Hymenoptera.

Thus, they are banished. I sprinkled cayenne pepper all around their entry way to the house (I can not condone the use of poisonous pesticide chemicals in this house) and drank three cups of coffee.

Might have been a bit much but now I can focus my full attention on how this penguin got into the house and why there are starfish covering the wall of the downstairs bathroom. Bubo seems too busy crocheting something complicated out of leftover spaghetti to be phased by these new guests.

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