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They always follow the Queen

A dear friend sent me this article.

Somehow, I’m quite sure Mordecai had something to do with this happening. It’s not that trouble always follows him, but more like trouble always appears wherever he is. Curious, isn’t it?

Now I know not to share my marvelous apiary with him. I’d rather not chase my bees to a mailbox or lamp post in the neighborhood.

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As I am an apiarist and a logophile, you could have guessed that this Wednesday’s word would be Vindemy.

Vindemy is defined as “To take honey from beehives” and is from the Latin vindemiatus – to gather the vintage. Often used to define the gathering of grapes for wine, the word transitioned to encompass the gathering of honey from bees.

My fondness for honey often leads to a sticky trail through corners of the house, which irks Bubo to no end. Frankly speaking, though, she should keep her beak to herself; I don’t begrudge her fondness for nocturnal vermin nor the small bones I often find stuck in an errant glob of honey.


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