Winter Solstice

It is my recommendation that you not tell your great horned owl that some people celebrate the Winter Solstice with a citrus bath.

You might find your bath interrupted by gallons of ice cold orange juice dumped over your head, all in the name of Dongzhi.

How are you celebrating the solstice?

Are you celebrating Christmas? Does your version of Saint Nicholas ride a sleigh or a Yule Goat?

Are you celebrating Hanukkah? Do you light your menorah with oil or candles?

Do you celebrate Goru with the Pays Dogon of Mali?

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, then you are celebrating the Summer Solstice. Perhaps you are tying the sun at Machu Pichu?

Here on the back of the hill in deepest, darkest Brooklyn, we are enjoying mulled cider, leftover latkes, and Bubo’s fondness for Christmas carols.

We are also rubbing salve on a dragon who learned the hard way that even dragon scales are flammable when doused with olive oil for the “historically accurate” living menorah.

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