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To the Hunt!

Oh, but what a marvelously dreary day here in the Green Mountains! I do so enjoy a day moodily draped in fog and drizzle, though the weather has pointed out some of my less-than-ideal roof patches.

After an early morning of re-patching, I’m taking a break to warm myself in front of the fire (with a hot cup of coffee, naturally).

I thought you might enjoy this gorgeous picture from the delightful S. Keen, who belongs to a shooting syndicate in the UK. They shoot pheasant, partridge, and wild ducks. Naturally, Ms. Keen makes sure to wear the appropriate gear – including the Double Finger Claw Ring found in the Attic. It all sounds rather delightful, as S. Keen describes it, especially the gobs of Sloe Gin and Fennel Vodka served during the hunt. (I’m quite a sucker for a good cocktail.)

Thank you, S. Keen, for sharing photos with me. I do enjoy seeing my finds in their new homes.

And, naturally, I toast you during this season. To the hunt!


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Apple Cider and Dragons

When enjoying a cool September morn, should you run into a small dragon, do not offer to share your hot apple cider. The results will disappoint you.


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Pseudoscorpions in the Paper

This morning I had a pseudoscorpion crawl out of my newspaper and onto my sugar spoon. It’s a gloomy and moody day and I was requiring extra coffee to get my day started.

That surprise visitor did the trick.

pseudoscorpion_0258Tiny and harmless to humans (at least the ones in Vermont are), the little fellow none-the-less surprised me alert.

I transported him (via sugar spoon) to the cellar, where he is sure to enjoy a plethora of cluster flies and other prey.

(Special thanks to for helping me identify the critter and to for the photo.)

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When one’s roof tiles suddenly change color, size, and shape, one takes the rest of the day off and has a drink.

One also puts on a hard hat because it is important to be prepared.

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