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The New Moon Brought Me Zombies

I’ve never met a zombie before.

Typically, when you think “zombie”, you think horrifying creature doing a sort of Frankenstein’s-Monster-walk towards you, eerily chanting “Brains! Brains!” (Or perhaps those of us who were raised on Saturday Matinee Horror Movies think that and more modern zombie aficionados are better versed in zombies.)

So imagine my surprise when these delightful characters showed up in The Laboratory.

Steve. He likes Kurt Vonnegut


Charlotte. She's a fan of cooking shows.






Loveable little tykes, aren’t they? Turns out that ZombieSocks just like to be loved. They also like to take rides in cars, sit on windowsills and appreciate human company. There’s been no discussions of brain consumption. There has been a lively debate over the proper invitation delivery system for a last-minute dance party and how many times they can hug Bubo before she claws their stuffing out.

Come take a gander in The Laboratory.

And happy New Moon Saturday.

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Early Bird vs. Night Owl

How can one be both an early bird and a night owl? Simply by taking naps. I’m a big believer in naps, I must admit. And I must admit that sometimes these naps occur seemingly of their own volition, and I chalk that up not to my venerable age but to my brain’s need for breaks.

Anyway, this little rant was inspired by photographer Steve Creek’s works, some of which are now shown prominently in The Gallery.

This is Snack for the Nest, an amazing photograph, wouldn’t you say?

Do take a moment to peruse The Gallery. It’s full of gorgeous images that might give you good nap dreams.

I’m a big believer in nap dreams, as well.

This is Owl Study 1. Guess who thinks she can pose more appropriately?

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All Good Seeds Deserve a Bonnet

Imagine my disappointment: the Scotch Bonnet seeds grew into peppers, not Scottish Tams.

It’s back to the lab, then, since I can not rid myself of this vision: a garden full of habedashered-foliage. Haberfoliage? Folidashery?

No matter. Must work on the hybrid. And make sure it’s not too spicy.

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I left the windows open last night, to let in the cool rain and breezes in last night. I slept so remarkably well that I woke feeling positively spry.

I headed into the library this morning to find the place completely overturned and a mess. And then I heard the unmistakeable sounds of a herd of flivvervaats. Which leads me to today’s word, naturally.

Catawampus is both a noun and an adjective. Delightful, eh wot? Definitions, then are: 1. adj. askew, crooked, out of alignment. 2. adj. fierce, destructive. 3. noun. a fierce imaginary animal, bogeyman.

Catawampus is considered an American colloquialism, originating around 1840. (Apparently there was a period there when elaborate coinages were particularly in vogue.) Cata- stems from cater-, a now-archaic root meaning “diagonal”. What you pronounce “cattycorner” actually is catacorner or catercorner, believe it or not. The -wampus portion of the word’s origin is up for debate, though some believe it to come from the Scots word wampish which means to wriggle or twist.

And what about the whole fierce definition? This is thought to stem from the word catamount, that delightful old American term for a mountain lion. (Cat-a-Mount)

Two origins. Two very different definitions. One delightful word.

Therefore, one might say that the catawampus library was caused by a herd of catawampus creatures.


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